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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right protection for your home and the belongings inside it is essential. Because the process can be somewhat confusing, we have answered some commonly asked questions about the buying process. Learn how you can find affordable coverage in just minutes by comparing rates today.

How can I find a plan that is cheap and offers good coverage?

We offer a more affordable alternative to traditional homeowners coverage. Our partners offer quality protection for your home with premiums that will not strain your budget. We provide you with an affordable estimate from multiple insurers, forcing them to compete head-to-head for your business. This means more coverage for you at a substantially lower rate.

How can I get my free estimates?

You can get quotes by filling out our sign-up form located on this page. The form can be completed entirely online in just a few minutes. Once we have your information, we will instantly supply you with up to five free rate quotes. You see these estimates side-by-side in plain, straightforward language to help you compare apples-to-apples. We basically take all the work out of comparison shopping for you. All you have to do is review the policies to decide which is right for you. You can then apply for a policy on the insurer's website or you can save your estimates for later.

Are you an insurer?

No, we are a free referral service that matches our visitors with quality insurers from across the country. We make sure we partner with insurers that can offer our visitors cost-effective plans with excellent coverage options. Our goal is to serve as a one-stop-shopping destination for those in the market for this type of valuable protection.

Who will issue my policy?

The companies that supply your homeowners insurance quotes will depend on your location, needs, and preferences. However, some of our partners include Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, Farmer's, and many more. You will have your choice of at least four different insurers when you apply for quotes on our site.

If I'm not a homeowner, can I still get property coverage?

Yes, you can get affordable protection on all types of dwellings and possessions. Most of our insurers offer policies to those who live in apartments, condominiums, mobile homes, or houses. Property insurance can help you protect any of those kinds of dwellings.

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